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Bundle of Artisan Mixer & Blender K400 Color Of The Year


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Set of Mixer Artisan  and Blender Artisan K400 color BEETROOT

Mixer Artisan Elegance 4,8L


• Iconic, timeless, elegant and smooth, roundedtilt-head design. Easy cleaning and usage.
• 4.8 L stainless steel bowl. Can process up to 1 kg of all-purpose flour and12 egg whites (medium).
• Full metal construction – 5 years warranty. Robust, stable and durable.
• Original planetary action. Fast and thorough mixing.
•Available in a large number of premiumattractive colours. To match everyone’s personality and kitchen.
•Single multipurpose attachment hub. A wide choice of optional attachments available. Versatile and easy to use.
•Excellent performance – direct drive. To prepare small to large quantities/batches of fresh food quickly and easily. No power loss between the motor and the accessories/attachments.


  • 4.8 L Bowl 5K5THSBP. Polished stainless steel bowl with ergonomic handle. Dishwasher-safe.
  • 3 L Bowl 5KB3SS. Compliments the 4.8 L bowl and can be utilized for processing smaller quantities. No need to wash the bowls in between. Is made out of polished stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.

  • Pouring Shield 5KN1PS. 1-piece, dual-purpose accessory thathelps prevent splashing. The pouringspout allows you to add ingredients evenlywhilst mixing. Made out of transparent plastic, it affords afull view of the ingredients in the bowl. Not dishwasher-safe.

  • 6-Wire Whip K45WW. Used for incorporating air into eggs,egg whites, whipping cream and dips(such as mayonnaise). Made out of stainless steel wires andaluminium head. Not dishwasher-safe.

  • Flat Beater K5THCB. Used for heavy mixtures, such as cakes, frostings, cookies and mashed potatoes. Made out of aluminium and anti-stick nylon coated. Dishwasher-safe.

  • Flex edge beater 5KFE5T. Is used for normal to heavy mixtures, such as cakes, frostings, cookies and mashed potatoes. The flexible edge design guarantees faster mixing, without stopping the motor and using a spatula. Coated metal with a silicone side. Dishwasher-safe.

  • Dough Hook K45DH. Used for mixing and kneading yeast dough, such as bread, pizza dough and pasta dough. Made out of aluminium and anti-stick nylon coated. Dishwasher-safe.

Product code: 5KSB4026EBE Blender Artisan K400

  • KitchenAid brand’s expertly crafted 3-part blending system 1.5 peak* HP motor (with intelli-speed), unique asymmetric blade and ribbed jar.

These 3 parts work together in harmony to power through tough ingredients for smoother results and to produce perfect texture and taste.

  • Adaptive motor and Intelli-Speed motor control.

Senses contents and maintains the optimal speed to power through all ingredients.

  • Unique asymmetric stainless steel blade, sharpened and precisely angled.

Blends at 4 distinct angles to pull ingredients into the center to power through the toughest ingredients.

  • 1.4 L ribbed glass jar.

Folds contents back onto the blades to create a powerful blending vortex to easily tackle tough ingredients.

  • Simple intuitive controls: one variable  5 speed dial including Pulse, 3 preset recipe programs (ice crush, icy drinks, smoothie)  and self-cleaning cycles.

To blend the best-tasting creations or to control taste and texture with a range of variable speeds.

  • Stable die-cast metal base and die-cast metal knob.

Sturdy, stable, durable and easy to clean.

  • 1.4 L new blender design available in a large number of fashionable colours.

To match everyone’s personality and kitchen.

  • Discover more possibilities with the blender optional accessories**: 500 ml personal jar, 200 ml small batch jar and 1 L citrus press.

To create more tastes

Made in USA
Guarantee 5 years

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