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KitchenAid 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Flex Edge Beaters

KitchenAid 6 Speed Hand Mixer with Flex Edge Beaters 5KHM6118

• Compact, lightweight powerful hand mixer with soft start
Great for everyday mixing needs
Mix any ingredients, from a slow stir to a fast whip, to achieve the desired consistency, without splattering
Easy of use
• 6 speeds to match the task at hand
To slowly stir in chunky ingredients, like nuts or
chocolate chips, at speed one and to whip egg whites
to perfect meringues, or heavy cream at speed six
• Specially designed flex edge beaters deliver 2× the surface area and increase contact with the bowl for better mixing performance
For quicker, more thorough mixing
Reduces the need to scrape down the sides of the bowl, when compared to metal beaters
Reduces sound and vibration when mixing
• Pro whisk attachment
For light and fluffy mixtures
Easily whip egg whites to fluffy peaks or heavy cream to whipping cream to top any dessert
• Lockable swivel round cord
To approach ingredients easily from any angle
Easy to wipe clean
• Beater ejector button
For a quick one-handed release
For easy and comfortable use
• Integrated storage clip that attaches to the underside of the hand mixer
To securely store all accessories in one place
Eliminate the need for bulky containers and/or storage boxes

Guarantee 2 years

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