Tamper for blender K400, K150 and K130


Suitable for blenders:
5KSB4026 (K400)

5KSB4034 (K400 set)
5KSB4054 (K400 set)
5KSB1325 (K150)
5KSB1330 (K150 set)
5KSB1350 (K150 set)
5KSB1320 (K130 Classic)

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29.00 € tax incl.

BPA-free tamper KSB4048TPR

Goes easily through the lid to help mix ingredients and provide ultimate control.
large or ultra-thick blends.
Made out of plastic and rubber.
Many times there will be no need to use the tamper as the blender delivers excellent performance but it will provide the ultimate control over the blend.
When it comes to high-speed blending, there are instances where an air pocket is formed over the blade, causing the ingredients to bridge.
The tamper allows
to quickly intervene and push ingredients into the blending vortex, allowing the blend to continue to optimal consistency.
quantities, ultra-thick blends without liquid such as nut butter, hummes and sorbet, may require more tamper interaction.

*Only compatible with the KitchenAid blenders series K130, K150 and K400.