"I don`t care what you call it but it is the best kitchen aid I have ever received"

The History of KitchenAid goes back as far as to year 1908 when H.Johnson, an engineer, observed a baker mixing bread dough with a heavy spoon made of iron. This was the beginning of the very first mixer he created.

In 1914 he managed to introduce his first 75-litre mixer Hobart Model H. Yet he still wished to create a mixer suitable for houshold use.
And then in 1919, the first stand mixer with a planetray motion together with brand KitchenAid were born.
That makes KitchenAid only 1 year younger than the Republic of Estonia.

KitchenAid will be celebrating it`s 100th anniversary next year.


By 1927 KitchenAid had gained immediate popularity among many, many people. Henry Ford, Al Smith, the Mayor of New York,  Ginger Rogers, John Barrymore are only a few celebrities that were big enthusiasts of KitchenAid.

In 1936 KitchenAid received it`s iconic design that has not much changed until today.


 In 1997 the Museum of Art in San Fransisco named the KitchenAid mixer as an icon of design of America.

Today the KitchenAid assortment can withstand every need of a home kitchen while at the same time being a modern and a functional design element.
The products of KitchenAid are efficient, durable, simple, easy to use, have a timeless design and a wide range of colour.
KitchenAid gives it`s products very strong conditions of guarantee and if needed professional and fast care for it´s products.

From 2008 KitchenAid is represented by Home Decor OÜ in the Baltic States. Home Decor OÜ also offers 
care for the products of KitchenAid.