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Multi-faced KitchenAid

Chef Erlis Schönberg shares his user experience with the KitchenAid pasta preparation set!


Erlis purchased a set of pasta rollers in the spring to get a helper for his large order of 8,000 dumplings. He has now tried and tested its various rollers for quite some time. Next, he shares his most delicious thoughts :)



I've always thought out of the box. When I pick up a gingerbread seasoning, first, I don't think about how and how much it should be used with gingerbread dough. Instead, I'm wondering where else this spicy spice could be used. Of course, in the middle of summer and with a bbq mop seasoning, the right answer is ! The same thing happened when I ordered the KitchenAid mixer accessory, the pasta machine set, to the restaurant kitchen. I didn't start wondering how I would make lasagna from fresh pasta from morning till night or how tagliatelle and spaghetti would run through it, but I immediately started to come up with solutions out of the box. After all, we weren't a pasta restaurant that keeps the machine running from morning to night. Although yes, it was a great help when it came to spinning 8,000 dumplings.




The first moment, I passed sliced bread through the pasta rollers until they were the thinnest possible. I baked them crisp in the oven and served them as crispbread on the breakfast table. The thin slice of bread also made a modern spiced sprat cigar. I smeared the egg cream on the thinner slice, then stretched the sprat fillet on it. I rolled it up nicely, and it was ready :D



It was already easier to move on with the Tagliatelle application. To add a little spice to "Pancake Pralle," I run the thin pancakes through it. I also served raspberries on the side of the pancake tagliatelle and sprinkled them with condensed milk. The applause did not want to stop; the score scale would have exploded. I had set all the numbers in a row…



To the delight of sweet lovers, all my chakras burst open, and I continued with a tortilla, which also became a tagliatelle at the thinnest level: D…then a quick deep fry inside the hot oil, dripping on household paper, then I sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar and again, I had pulled off something special.


The functionality of the spaghetti application cannot be praised enough. Pass through it everything you want to make into fine strips. For example, nori sheets take on a new shape, making them much easier to process and use for decorative purposes. I have done the same with the slender leek leaves, which put a dot on the I when deep-fried or just raw.


If the phrase "Give me an ax" that has gone through Estonian film classics may sound quite often when one starts doing some work, then I shout "Give me KitchenAid" when entering the kitchen!

However, I recommend that you take care of the pasta machine as instructed - do not wash underwater and do not put very thick and hard raw materials into the machine. Listen to your machine, and it will work wonders!



Pasta preparation kit and other pasta products are available in the KitchenAid e-shop:

The accessory is suitable for all KitchenAid mixers!


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